IVDR CE Marking Service in London

IVDR CE Marking Service in London

IVDR CE Marking Service provider in London: In the context of In-vitro Diagnostic Device CE marking as of my last update from UKMHRA authorities, the UK has implemented its own conformity marking known as the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) marking. This UKCA marking is intended to replace the CE marking in most cases for products sold in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland). However, CE marking may still be required for products intended for sale in Northern Ireland or for products subject to specific regulations.


It’s essential for manufactures selling medical devices, medical equipments, medical consumables, single use devices, medical software products in United Kingdom to ensure compliance with the relevant EU regulations, which may include obtaining the CE Certification from EU notified bodies. This often involves working closely with regulatory bodies and possibly engaging with third-party conformity assessment bodies.


For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding IVDR CE Marking and other regulatory requirements in London, UK manufactures and exporters may consult with experts specialising in in-vitro diagnostic device regulatory and product compliance.

IVDR CE Marking – Role of Consultants

We are regulatory consultants play a crucial role in the IVDR CE Marking process and certification.

  • MDQMS – EN ISO 13485:2016/ BS ISO 13485:2016 implementation support
  • ISO 14971 Risk Analysis Implementation and documentation
  • Biological Evaluation plan and reporting
  • Clinical and Performance Evaluation Guidance and docuemntation.
  • Usability Studies related to IVD equipments and tests kits
  • Process Validations
  • IVDR Techncial Documentation File
  • Interaction with IVDR Notified Bodies

Outsource IVDR Regulatory to CERT3 Global

Outsourcing regulatory services for medical devices offers several benefits to manufactures operating from London and parts of United Kindgom:

  • Regulatory consulting firms such as CERT3 GLOBAL will navigating complex regulatory landscapes. They bring extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with regulatory agencies, interpreting regulations, and ensuring compliance. This expertise can help manufactures avoid mistakes and fasten the CE Mark certification process.
  • Outsourcing regulatory services can be more cost effective than hiring and training in-house regulatory experts. By outsourcing regulatory activities to service providers like I3CGlobal reduces the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full time regulatory team.
  • Now tories of employees switching. The outsourced company will take care  and update the documentation all time.
  • Outsourcing regulatory services allows companies to focus on their core business activities while the regulatory experts handle the complexities MDR compliance. This can accelerate time-to-market for new products and reduce delays in regulatory approvals
  • Regulatory consulting firms often have established networks and relationships with regulatory authorities, testing laboratories, and other key stakeholders. This access can facilitate smoother interactions with regulatory agencies and expedite the regulatory process.

Overall, outsourcing regulatory services for medical devices can help companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape more efficiently, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and accelerate market access, ultimately contributing to the success of their products and business ventures.