All about I3CGLOBAL (UK): Health Care products are an essential element of a healthy and equitable society, no matter the age, gender, sex, religion, or country. When health is viewed as a human right, there is a demand and responsibility to provide appropriate and effective guidance to manufacturers, thus enabling access to quality and reliable health care products to the consumption of human beings for a healthy society.

Our Vision


I3CGLOBAL firmly believes that our economic success depends on our ability to gain and maintain long-standing customers. It starts with core technical experts working together to achieve regulatory compliance of your business objectives and develop such a method fit to early Certification and clearances.


Our Mission


To deliver confidence to manufacturers and its regulatory team by providing Quality, Systematic, Time-bound, world-class Regulatory Consulting service in the areas we specialize in.

UK Responsible Person

Mr Luke Kumar
More than 14 years of experience in Medical Device QMS and Sales.
Email :  ukrp@i3cglobal.uk
Telephone :  + 44 7581 471399

EU Representative

Mr. Joe Raj Kumar
More than 14 years of experience in Medical Device QMS and Sales.
Email : Joe@i3cglobal.eu
Telephone : + 49 (0) 216 1990 8831

US Agent

Mr. Manoj Zacharias
More than 21 years of experience in FDA Compliance.
Email: info@fdahelp.us
Telephone : + 1 (630) 270-2921

Regulatory Expert & India Agent

Mr. Manoj Meghavaram.
M Pharma with 4 years of experiences in Indian and European Regulation
Email: indiamdr@i3cglobal.in
Telephone : +91 98666 40710

Technical Head

Mr. Soio George
B Pharma, MBA with 24 years of experience in Medical devices & Pharmaceuticals. Certified GMP Lead Auditor.
Email : sg@i3cglobal.com
Telephone : + 91 99 4591 2081