Regulatory Services

A cosmetic safety assessment for human health is done for cosmetic items in the various cosmetics regulations around the world

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Cosmetics Regulatory Services

The cosmetics and personal care industry is subject to an ever-evolving regulatory environment and is primarily focused on the safety and effectiveness of the cosmetic products brought to market. The industry is divided into various categories such as general cosmetics, functional cosmetics, quasi-drugs, Class I and Class II cosmetics, therapeutic cosmetics, controlled cosmetics (CC), special controlled cosmetics (SCC), OTC cosmetics, low-risk cosmetics and high-risk cosmetics – risky products, etc. The cosmetics industry also faces the constant challenge of developing and marketing innovative cosmetic products while ensuring that they not only meet consumer requirements , but also comply with various regulations such as the European Union (EU) Regulation EC1223/2009 and the US FDA. (21 CFR Part 700), ASEAN Cosmetics Directive,Health Canada Regulations, NICNAS (AICS), Food and Drugs Act, etc. In such a scenario, a global safety and efficiency service provider helps maintain a complete life cycle: complete the life cycle. Cosmetic and personal care products. We at Cert 3 Global guarantee compliance with these cosmetic regulations. Partnering with Cert 3 Global enables companies and brands to streamline their regulatory compliance process with a structured approach to comprehensive regulatory support for cosmetics, accelerating their international growth in a cost-effective manner. Cert 3 Global offers cosmetics and personal care companies a full range of regulatory services to ensure their products comply with the latest cosmetic safety regulations. With regional offices in Europe and North America as well as MENA and APAC and an extensive partner network in 120 countries, Cert 3 Global is well positioned to meet regulatory requirements for beauty and personal care products and ensure quality, safety, efficiency and compliance. with regulations. Compliance for the whole world. Our global team of trained professionals and consultants has management expertise. We support manufacturers, distributors and sellers of cosmetics – finished products and raw materials worldwide in the following areas:

  • Product formulation verification and classification
  • Safety assessment and toxicology services
  • Product evaluation labels
  • Complaint review
  • Research and development solutions
  • Product information dossier/file/document creation
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Compliance with region-specific requirements/guidelines
  • Regulatory support for market entry