FDA Label Reviews

Labeling your goods entails far more than simply stating what it does and includes on the outside of the packaging. At its best, a label gives the necessary information for consumers to feel comfortable and confident in their decision; at its worst, a label can be deceiving and dangerous to people who put their faith in what a corporation sells.


Various boxes must be checked depending on the product to ensure that your label fits the requirements for sale in the United States. It is the manufacturer’s, distributor’s, or importer’s responsibility to be aware of these laws and regulations and to take the required steps to ensure compliance.


The content of the label should be specific and precise, especially when it comes to the display of chemicals, safety data, and bad effects. Our specialists will point out the flaws and suggest fixes so that the updated label complies with FDA rules.


We do labeling review for each commodity below:


      • Food
      • OTC Drugs
      • Dietary supplements
      • Medical Devices
      • Cosmetics


Our review includes as per the FDA


      • Label content verification
      • Font size
      • Format
      • List of ingredients
      • Claims


We Review Your Label:


  • If you’re just getting started or thinking about establishing a new business and want to know about the costs, timelines, and potential pitfalls of your product’s labeling and marketing needs, call us immediately. We can also assist you if you are a multinational corporation that has performed this process countless times but is having trouble keeping up with the new labelling regulations.  

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