Packaging Artwork
For Cosmetics

The visual element on the outer pack or the inner product is perhaps the first thing an end consumer or Regulatory inspector will see in your cosmetic product. It should be compliant with the EU and UK Regulations and can be used to provide vital information like usage, and contraindications which will ensure a smooth product experience. Let’s Understand what exactly packaging artwork is and what is the importance of having one on your cosmetic product

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What is packaging artwork?

Product Artwork is a crucial part of product labelling. Product Labelling refers to the printed information (artwork or text) affixed to a product. There are two places where artwork can be placed :
  • On the Outer Container (box/Pack) and
  • On the sachet/tube/bottle containing the product.
The artwork refers to the visible contents like text, images, or graphics visible on the outer and inner container of the cosmetic product.

What does Artwork Signify?

Through the medium of informational artworks, vital information can be conveyed to potential users of cosmetic products like dosage instructions, indications, contraindications, and safety warnings.

They are an integral part of product labelling and can be utilised to ensure that the benefits and best practices of the respective cosmetic products reach the end user so that they can have a safe and functional experience with the product.

The end goal of an Artwork is : 
  • To comply with the relevant regulations of the geography
  • To serve as an appropriate first impression for the end consumers.

The EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 is the governing law that puts forward the directives relevant to the artwork. A similar law in the United Kingdom is Schedule 34 of the Product Safety and Metrology (Amendment and Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2022.

Stakeholders involved in Creating a compelling Packaging Artwork

The Process of artwork approval for your cosmetic product is a tedious and detailed process involving multiple cross-functional team efforts of the artwork, labelling, and regulatory affairs team before being considered fit for the final application.

Hence different resources have to be coordinated and trained which is a time and cost-consuming process. A specialised consulting agency offers the optimal solution to this by integrating all of these stakeholders into a single platform saving crucial resources that can be diverted to more beneficial economic activities.

Importance of Good Packaging Artwork?

If the artwork is found to be non-compliant with the relevant regulations, then it can result in : 
  • Change of Category
  • The product can be shifted to a more regulated category which can be more intensive concerning documentation and compliance requirements.
  • High Fines and Penalties
  • Regulatory agencies can fine the manufacturer a heavy amount if it is found that the labelling is not as per the rules stated.
  • Legal Liability
  • In case any consumer is harmed or deceived due to noncompliance with the requirements, then the manufacturer will have to bear the heavy legal expenses and the possible expense of compensation.
  • Limited Market Access
  • Non-compliance can result in limited market access. Also, there are risks of bad effects on the reputation of the brand, or the product can be recalled if found non-compliance at later stages.

What are the Relevant Laws and Regulations for Product Packaging Artwork?

1)European Union Market
  •  Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009/EC of the European Parliament and Council on cosmetic products is the main regulatory framework for cosmetic products in the Union.
  • Adopted on 30 November 2009
  • Aims to ensure a high level of safety for human health, simplify procedures, streamline terminologies, and harmonise rules in the Union.
The regulations make it an offence to supply a cosmetic product with incorrect labelling.
Note: The regulation applies to cosmetic products, but not to medicinal products, medical devices, or biocidal products.

According to the EU regulation: 
  • All cosmetic products must be labelled in a language that can be easily understood by the consumer.
  • The container and packaging of cosmetic products must display the product’s function in indelible, easily legible, and visible lettering.
  • the packaging must also include the name, trade name, and address of the manufacturer or person responsible for marketing the product.
Apart from the general contents requirements stated above, the label should include the following according to EU Regulation:
  • The nominal content of the product, expressed in weight or volume
  • A list of ingredients (INCI list = International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). The ingredients must be listed in decreasing order of weight, except those present in concentrations of less than 1% for non-coloring ingredients and less than 0.1% for colouring ingredients.

To know more about placing your Cosmetic products in the European Market with ease, you can get in touch and avail of our Label Review Services. Get in touch for an assessment of whether your cosmetic labels are at par with Regulations with the help of our Experienced Regulatory labelling experts.

2)United Kingdom Market
All cosmetic products placed on the UK market must comply with Schedule 34 of the Product Safety and Metrology (Amendment and Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2022. The labelling requirements for cosmetics in the UK are similar to those in the EU. The label must include the same information as mentioned above.

Cert3global Artwork Review Services

We understand the importance of a good first impression to the end consumer by placing a self-explanatory, compliant and informative artwork on your cosmetic product.

This is the reason our team of experienced professionals working on the function of designers, technical proofreaders, and regulatory and artwork specialists strives to provide the best possible artwork in the most efficient way to our global clients looking to expand the presence of their cosmetics. We have streamlined processes exploiting technical competence and best security & confidentiality practices. Send us a query to know more and get in touch with our team of regulatory experts.